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If you're a tourist or local to Las Vegas and have a complaint then you've come to the right place!

Have you been overcharged for a room, eaten bad food, been treated bad or rude to while in Las Vegas...then we want to hear about it!

Lasvegascomplaints.com knows that Las Vegas is the creme da of gambling and entertainment of the world. We would like to make it even better while letting the locals and tourist be heard on how to do just that.

Please submit your complaints so that Las Vegas can become and even better place to visit, live and have fun for the whole family.

Keep in mind that threats and  vulgar language are not allowed and will cause your complaint to not be published on

lasvegascomplaints.com so use this site to be heard and get your point across in the right way and lets together make Las Vegas a better place.

Thank You For Your Understanding

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if intrested contact Mike Brock : mbrock@lasvegascomplaints.com or 702-372-2375

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